New Natural Anabolic Compound from Muscletech?

Previously here at Presbyopia Doctors FYI we talked a bit about legal steroid alternatives. To recap, we acknowledged that steroids have been used by the professional medical community for decades and that when used in a controlled and safe manner, can also be used by professional bodybuilders. Of course, we always want to remind the public and stress the importance of controlled and safe manner, that is, not to abuse them but to respect them for the extreme anabolic agents they are.

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If you aren’t a professional bodybuilder, or aren’t trying to overcome a serious physical injury, and thus, are not in the market for steroids, you may think your options for gaining serious muscle mass through natural means might be pretty limited. For centuries, it would seem you would be right, that there is no way to add on impressive muscle mass at the same rate as a person who is taking steroids.

This may not be 100% true however, as a brand new chemical compound, which is available over-the-counter at bodybuilding and supplement shops, called “Clear Muscle” may finally be that dream supplement that all “natural” lifters have desired for years. The compound is called “Clear Muscle” and is simply a name for “Beta Tor” which is simply a patented name for “HMB-FA” which is an abbreviation for “beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric free acid”. Got it? Good. (In case you still don’t get it, you can read this layman’s overview on the supplement from the bloggers at Skinny Yoked, who share first hand experience with the supplement over multiple weeks of use.)

Now what is this HMB-FA anyways? Well, it’s the free acid form of good old fashioned HMB. Many seasoned bodybuilders will remember a time when HMB was billed as the new miracle supplement, however it ended up fading from the spotlight as the actual muscular gains were far below what was marketed by the supplement companies selling the product. This new “free acid” form though is much more easily absorbed by the body, thus making it far more effective. In fact, there have been multiple studies done by universities (one in particular from the University of Tampa) that have shown that when combined with an intense workout regimen that HMB-FA can be a seriously potent anabolic compound.

Check out the video below for some actual live footage of Muscletech sponsored efficacy testing of Clear Muscle:

Overall as doctors we can’t tell you that this is indeed some type of miracle pill, however we can say, that given the research that has been publicly presented thus far that the evidence strongly suggest that Clear Muscle does indeed contain some serious anabolic properties, especially compared to other naturally occurring compounds that can be purchased OTC.