How Drug Addiction Affects Pregnant Women And The Unborn Child

Drug addiction is a dangerous path and it becomes more serious and dangerous when it involves an addicted pregnant woman. Drug addiction does not only affect the individual taking the drugs but also the fetus inside her. Chances are, if the child is born, the child will suffer the negative effects of drug addiction such as body deformations, mental or serious health problems.

The illegal use of drugs has bad effects on a pregnant woman including anemia, blood infections and hepatitis to name a few. Since the baby is inside the body of the addicted individual who is pregnant, it is highly possible that the fetus or unborn child will acquire the illnesses as well even if it is still unborn. A mother who is addicted to heroin may bear a child that is underweight. A baby whose mother is addicted to methamphetamine may have problems with the quality of mobility, growth and arousal. Those are only some of the bad effects of drugs on babies when a pregnant woman is using illegal drugs.

Thankfully, there are different options for treatment that are suited for pregnant women who are addicted to drugs and a pregnant individual can be able to find a plethora of choices when it comes to addiction recovery centers that can help in treating addiction. For addicted pregnant women, there are basically three primary methods of treatment that are provided.

The three primary treatment methods provided to pregnant women who are addicted to harmful substances are medication, behavioral treatment and comorbidity. The medication treatment method involves the intake of pregnant-safe medicines coupled with prenatal care as well as a drug treatment program that is comprehensive to ensure effectiveness. Behavioral treatment is a treatment that focuses on motivating the patient to avoid taking harmful substances through incentives. The third treatment method which is comorbidity focuses in determining if the patient has an existing mental or physical illness that co-exist with the addiction. Research shows that those who have problems in the area of psychosocial are more vulnerable to using drugs. This means that by treating the existing illness or problem can also help treat drug addiction.

Addiction to drugs is absolutely a serious problem especially to women who are expecting a child. Battling drug addiction requires not only hard work but also discipline and determination. A pregnant woman who is suffering from drug addiction should seek immediate help for her betterment and for the unborn child too.

Expecting mothers who want to seek professional help should find a treatment program from addiction recovery center to determine the main reasons how the addiction started. They will have a higher chance of having a sober life if they fully comprehend why they are taking drugs. Addiction recovery centers has gone to a lot of alterations over the years and these days, pregnant women who are addicted to harmful substances have more and better treatment options. If money is a problem, there are also recovery centers that offer affordable services and at the same time provide quality treatment services that are designed according to the specific needs of their patients.

Pregnant women should stop taking abusive drugs for their own wellness as well as the baby’s. With the help of recovery centers, they can be able to start their journey towards a sober life together with their child.