New Natural Anabolic Compound from Muscletech?

Previously here at Presbyopia Doctors FYI we talked a bit about legal steroid alternatives. To recap, we acknowledged that steroids have been used by the professional medical community for decades and that when used in a controlled and safe manner, can also be used by professional bodybuilders. Of course, we always want to remind the public and stress the importance of controlled and safe manner, that is, not to abuse them but to respect them for the extreme anabolic agents they are.

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If you aren’t a professional bodybuilder, or aren’t trying to overcome a serious physical injury, and thus, are not in the market for steroids, you may think your options for gaining serious muscle mass through natural means might be pretty limited. For centuries, it would seem you would be right, that there is no way to add on impressive muscle mass at the same rate as a person who is taking steroids.

This may not be 100% true however, as a brand new chemical compound, which is available over-the-counter at bodybuilding and supplement shops, called “Clear Muscle” may finally be that dream supplement that all “natural” lifters have desired for years. The compound is called “Clear Muscle” and is simply a name for “Beta Tor” which is simply a patented name for “HMB-FA” which is an abbreviation for “beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric free acid”. Got it? Good. (In case you still don’t get it, you can read this layman’s overview on the supplement from the bloggers at Skinny Yoked, who share first hand experience with the supplement over multiple weeks of use.)

Now what is this HMB-FA anyways? Well, it’s the free acid form of good old fashioned HMB. Many seasoned bodybuilders will remember a time when HMB was billed as the new miracle supplement, however it ended up fading from the spotlight as the actual muscular gains were far below what was marketed by the supplement companies selling the product. This new “free acid” form though is much more easily absorbed by the body, thus making it far more effective. In fact, there have been multiple studies done by universities (one in particular from the University of Tampa) that have shown that when combined with an intense workout regimen that HMB-FA can be a seriously potent anabolic compound.

Check out the video below for some actual live footage of Muscletech sponsored efficacy testing of Clear Muscle:

Overall as doctors we can’t tell you that this is indeed some type of miracle pill, however we can say, that given the research that has been publicly presented thus far that the evidence strongly suggest that Clear Muscle does indeed contain some serious anabolic properties, especially compared to other naturally occurring compounds that can be purchased OTC.


Guide On Ways to Get Steroids Online

presbyopiadoctorsfyi Get Steroids OnlineThe people that want to enhance their muscle mass are crazy concerning anabolic steroids. Steroids are taken into consideration as the great choice to minimize body fat and to raise muscular tissue mass.

How you can buy best legal steroids online? This is the significant concern that every steroid user has in his mind. Net absolutely provides you the most convenient and also the most hassle-free response of– the best ways to buy steroids online. There are numerous steroid shops that aid you purchase steroids online. Most of these steroid shops are real and also qualified, but numerous are simply frauds selling inexpensive top quality or fake items as steroids. You truly need to be careful of such steroid stores on the internet. It does not all steroids stores online are fraudulent. I simply claim that you need to be really mindful of phony websites selling spurious steroids. You need to go for the genuine & licensed stores selling actual steroids online.

As you recognize, making use of steroids has proven to suppress the body’s production of stress hormone, cortisol after the exercise. Cortisol is a muscle tissue destroyer; steroids assist in keeping the levels of the cortisol down, it reduces muscle mass damage and also allows for faster healing. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that the overuse or the mistakenly usage of anabolic steroids leads of a number of irreparable side-effects, that include giddiness, very early hair loss, state of mind swings (rage, clinical depression and also aggressiveness), deception, feelings of concern and uncertainty, resting issues, vomiting and nausea or vomiting, trembling, joints discomfort, yellow high temperature, high blood pressure, troubles in urinary system, heart troubles, stroke, liver issue, as well as lots of others.

You ought to not stress over, the best ways to purchase steroids online, if you intend to acquire steroids for positive medical usage. You can get anabolic steroids effortlessly from any one of the real steroid shops for favorable restorative usage with your physician’s clinical prescription. Steroids actually aid in boosting the stimulation of protein synthesis by raising the quantity of nitrogen in body; this is much better for muscle production. The oxidation of the fats is also boosted in body, the factor being steroids boost mitochondria development in cells.

You can find a variety of authentic and also reputed sites, studying on different internet search engine. You could also find that essentially teach you the best ways to buy steroids online. You could get in the keyword ‘how you can buy steroids online’ on any one of the search engines, to locate such web sites.

There are numerous steroid stores that help you buy steroids online. Most of these steroid shops are authentic as well as licensed, however several are simply scams marketing low-cost quality or phony items under the name of steroids. You must not fret around, how to get steroids online, if you desire to acquire steroids for favorable clinical usage. You could purchase anabolic steroids quickly from any of the genuine steroid shops for positive therapeutic usage with your doctor’s clinical prescription.


4 Relevant Tips For Becoming The Most Sought-After Clinical Psychologist

Clinical PsychologistNowadays, more and more people seek the help of clinical psychologists. The demand for clinical psychology professionals is increasing. However, due to the increasing number of psychologists, people tend to choose one very carefully in order to get the best treatment. Thus, only those professionals who can perform the best psychologist melbourne support are usually the ones that are highly-sought after. If you wish to become one of the most sought-after clinical psychologists, you must bear in mind that it is important for you to show that you truly want only the best for you clients, and you must be able to provide the right psychological treatment. Below are some tips you should follow in order to stand out among the other psychologists and have more clients:

They have a purpose.

Highly-sought after psychologists always have a purpose. They know that is it their purpose to help their clients deal with their conditions and live normal lives. They know the significance of their purpose and they try to follow their purpose. In fact, they do everything to the best of their ability and skill so that they can provide the best psychological treatment to their clients. It is part of their purpose to be able to help as many clients as they can.

They show empathy.

One thing that separates high-caliber psychologists from the mediocre ones is their sense of empathy. They especially know how to show their concern with their clients by understanding their condition and letting them know that they can lend their ears to them and that they are there for them. Thus, this gives their clients the assurance that they are not alone in their struggles.

They try to be a good listener.

Highly-sought after psychologists know the importance of good communication. They especially believe that talking can help a lot in the recovery process of their clients, and know that this is exactly what all their clients need. This is the reason why they sharpen their communication skills and always try to listen very carefully to what their clients say or tell them. They regard what their clients tell them as a very confidential matter so their clients can rest assured that their secrets are safe with them. They also believe that by listening very carefully to what their clients say or tell them they are able to provide the most suitable approaches for their psychological treatment. Also, this helps them make the most appropriate advice for their clients.

They never stop learning.

Highly- sought after psychologists continue learning in their field. In fact, it has become their passion to know what’s new and what’s the latest pertaining to their profession so that they can apply this to their treatment. They try to possess in-depth knowledge about their field so that they can provide the most excellent psychological treatment to their clients. They enhance their counselling skills more and more so that they can give the best advice to their clients. They continue to learn and adapt new approaches that they consider more effective for their clients.


How Drug Addiction Affects Pregnant Women And The Unborn Child

presbyopiadoctorsfyi Drug AddictionDrug addiction is a dangerous path and it becomes more serious and dangerous when it involves an addicted pregnant woman. Drug addiction does not only affect the individual taking the drugs but also the fetus inside her. Chances are, if the child is born, the child will suffer the negative effects of drug addiction such as body deformations, mental or serious health problems.

The illegal use of drugs has bad effects on a pregnant woman including anemia, blood infections and hepatitis to name a few. Since the baby is inside the body of the addicted individual who is pregnant, it is highly possible that the fetus or unborn child will acquire the illnesses as well even if it is still unborn. A mother who is addicted to heroin may bear a child that is underweight. A baby whose mother is addicted to methamphetamine may have problems with the quality of mobility, growth and arousal. Those are only some of the bad effects of drugs on babies when a pregnant woman is using illegal drugs.

Thankfully, there are different options for treatment that are suited for pregnant women who are addicted to drugs and a pregnant individual can be able to find a plethora of choices when it comes to addiction recovery centers that can help in treating addiction. For addicted pregnant women, there are basically three primary methods of treatment that are provided.

The three primary treatment methods provided to pregnant women who are addicted to harmful substances are medication, behavioral treatment and comorbidity. The medication treatment method involves the intake of pregnant-safe medicines coupled with prenatal care as well as a drug treatment program that is comprehensive to ensure effectiveness. Behavioral treatment is a treatment that focuses on motivating the patient to avoid taking harmful substances through incentives. The third treatment method which is comorbidity focuses in determining if the patient has an existing mental or physical illness that co-exist with the addiction. Research shows that those who have problems in the area of psychosocial are more vulnerable to using drugs. This means that by treating the existing illness or problem can also help treat drug addiction.

Addiction to drugs is absolutely a serious problem especially to women who are expecting a child. Battling drug addiction requires not only hard work but also discipline and determination. A pregnant woman who is suffering from drug addiction should seek immediate help for her betterment and for the unborn child too.

Expecting mothers who want to seek professional help should find a treatment program from addiction recovery center to determine the main reasons how the addiction started. They will have a higher chance of having a sober life if they fully comprehend why they are taking drugs. Addiction recovery centers has gone to a lot of alterations over the years and these days, pregnant women who are addicted to harmful substances have more and better treatment options. If money is a problem, there are also recovery centers that offer affordable services and at the same time provide quality treatment services that are designed according to the specific needs of their patients.

Pregnant women should stop taking abusive drugs for their own wellness as well as the baby’s. With the help of recovery centers, they can be able to start their journey towards a sober life together with their child.


Best Herbal Medicines

presbyopiadoctorsfyi herbal medicinesAlternative medicine provides a way for people to seek treatments that can help them in many areas of their lives. some of these methods actually help the body in many different areas. This is why people visit websites like Tampa alternative medicine to obtain new medical advice. Costs for traditional health care, combined with the side effects of regular medicines, forces people to look for other ways to treat what ails them. The use of herbal medicines is growing in popularity for this reason.

Turmeric is an alternative medicine which is natural. There are people who claim that this herb helps to cure various types of aches and pains. Others say that it even prevents colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. A study conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, showed that turmeric actually served to shrink colon polyps. This herb is most often ingested as an ingredient in food recipes. However, it can also be taken in pill form as a supplement. If you have any aches or pains, try this alternative medicine.

Nausea is an awful ailment. Severe cases of this issue cause people to vomit and lose weight quickly. They also become extremely dehydrated. During such episodes it becomes very difficult to eat or drink anything. This is why you should try ingesting ginger. Ginger root works to prevent the stomach from becoming upset. It also helps women who experience morning sickness. Some cruise ship passengers have used it to cure seasickness. There are some people who claim that it is the perfect natural remedy for a hangover as well! This alternative medicine can be found in most grocery stores.

Holy basil is an herb with many great properties. It can be used to make a variety of sauces, but its alternative health benefits is what sets it apart from other basil plants. This herb is a great choice to use to combat stress. It increases adrenaline while decreasing serotonin. These effects help people to cope with their daily lives when things get tough. In addition to reducing stress, this basil herb might have the potential to inhibit breast cancer. Women who take the herb are far less likely to get breast cancer.

Traditional medications are good to use for many ailments, but alternative medicines are viewed by many to be healthier options. When used in conjunction with traditional medicine, alternative medicines help a person to live a long, and happy life. They should never be underestimated because studies show that they truly work. If you are interested in trying one of these alternative medicines, then simply go online to find out more about which ones are the best to try. However, consult your doctor before you start taking any new medicine.