4 Foods You Can Eat After Your Dental Implant Surgery

presbyopiadoctorsfyi Dental Implant SurgeryAfter your dental implant surgery you will need some time to recover. This is a fact that is always stated in any dental implant website such as the dental-implant-facts. As you recover you will also need to eat the right kinds of food. It is highly recommended for dental implant patients to eat only soft foods for 5 days to one week after their surgery. Chewing may be very difficult during this period so you can only eat soft foods. These soft foods must contain all the essential nutrients to give you the energy you need on a day to day basis. Your dentist will give you some instructions on the kinds of food you can eat after the procedure. Read on to find out the best foods for your recovery.

You can eat grains.
When cereals are cooked well they can become very soft, so these are good for you. Cereals can include oat bran, oatmeal, to name a few. You can eat oat bran one day and oatmeal the next. Your cereals will taste even better if you add vanilla, cinnamon or berries. Other soft foods that you can try are grits, noodles or rice. If you prefer to eat bread, you may do so as long as it is not toasted. You can spread some almond or peanut butter on your bread to improve its taste.

Include veggies and fruits.
You can eat soft fruits or you can put them into the blender to get a softer texture. The softest fruits include ripe berries, pears and peaches. These fruits are very easy to chew; however, if you are searching for a softer texture you can buy canned applesauce or any canned fruit you like. Vegetables are also important options for your recovery. They can be softened by simply boiling or steaming them. Mashed veggies and fruits are also good. Mashed potatoes are the perfect example.

Your diet should include protein.
Most protein-rich meats are not always soft. However, you can find other alternatives such as nut butter or eggs. Eggs contain the necessary nutrients you will need for your recovery. You can either have omelets or scrambled eggs. Try to mix cheese, milk and chopped veggies to make a great-tasting omelet. When the eggs are cooked the veggies will become tender. You can eat rice with beans, fish or veggies as well. When you eat soups or stews you can include bite-sized meat cubes. Boil the soups or stews until the meat cubes become very tender.

Try some dairy products.
The good thing about many dairy products is that they are soft. In your soft meals you can actually add soft cheeses such as Brie. Other cheeses that may be hard can also be added into your soft meals after melting them. Another healthy option is yogurt. You can make your smoothies even more nutritious and delicious by adding veggies and fruits like spinach and kale as well as yogurt and milk. Milkshakes made with fruit, milk and ice cream also taste great.


Things That You Didn’t Know About Dental Care until Now

presbyopiadoctorsfyi Dental CareIf genuinely and wholeheartedly given, a smile is one of the most powerful things that could either make a person happy, proud or motivated; thus it brings good vibes and boosts one’s confidence. This, on the other hand, could only be obtained by having a set of bright and white teeth, which could probably be the best accessory anyone could wear. Obviously, having bright white teeth can contribute for a much pleasant appearance.

Here are some things that you didn’t know about dental care until now:

  • The first step in maintaining white teeth is practicing proper dental hygiene by, of course, brushing after meals and before going to bed, flossing at least once a day, having your teeth professionally cleaned, and visiting the dentist once or twice every year.
  • Toxic chemicals and other highly acidic washes can cause bad effects on your teeth. You see, there is a layer of minerals on the teeth called enamel that protects against decay and other factors that might hurt your teeth.
  • You can use a mint, gum or mouth wash to keep your breath fresh and your teeth white. You should avoid using mouthwashes that are alcohol based, for it causes your mouth to dry.
  • Fluoride supplements will help you in strengthening your teeth. For teeth that darken easily and gums that are quite unhealthy, you really should take fluoride; but not too much because yellow spots might appear on your teeth, so immediately minimize your fluoride usage if yellow spots start to appear.
  • You can use the natural way of teeth whitening, such as using strawberry. Its juice can amazingly cause the enamel to soften, making it easier to remove stains from your teeth and making it very white.
  • Dairy foods including milk, cheese and yogurt contains vitamins and minerals that boost tooth enamel and guards them from further discoloration. These minerals also help one’s teeth to be healthier and stronger. Some nutritious items coming from your meals will also chip in for whiter teeth.
  • Cigarette smoking damages your teeth since it contains nicotine which can cause teeth to yellow.
  • Dark beverages can cause stains on your teeth. Darker drinks, such as tea or coffee, have pigments that can contribute stains on your teeth. Immediately drinking water after drinking these dark drinks, will help in preventing the formation of stains on your teeth, or you can also use straw or drink coffee with non-skimmed milk.
  • Some advice the purchase of electric toothbrushes. This gizmo helps in removing the stains from your teeth along with a proven and tested whitening toothpaste. Electric toothbrushes don’t just remove, but also help in preventing the formation of new stains.
  • It is necessary that your toothbrush is clean by thoroughly rinsing it after use and letting it air dry. Never store you tooth brush in a container because it supports the development of bacteria, and get a new on every few months.

These are some basic facts of dental care that can get really useful in the long run. So go ahead and start taking care of your teeth now.


Prevent Your Gums From Bleeding

presbyopiadoctorsfyi oral hygieneHaving teeth that are clean and strong make up a good dental health but healthy teeth are not enough because you also need to have healthy gums. Gums support your teeth and if you do not make sure that they are in the right conditions, you still risk having fallen teeth even if they are strong. Diseases that affect your gums are collectively called as periodontal diseases. Your teeth will fall quickly if you do not do something about your gums.

Some people panic when their gum bleeds while they brush their teeth but this is quite common and this just shows that your need to make your gums healthier. The gums can bleed for several reasons and knowing these reasons will help you to find a solution to your problem.

Your gums might bleed because you have periodontal disease or gingivitis. Although you can prevent it from happening, people often don’t do necessary precautions and they end up being scared when their gums start to bleed. You need to brush your teeth and floss regularly so that you can remove all the plaque that is found in your teeth and in the gum line. If you do not do this, bacteria can multiply in your gums and make it irritated and swollen. If you observe that your gums easily bleed, you should go to your dentist and let them take a look at it. They can tell you what steps to take to prevent your gums from bleeding and so that you can have proper oral health.

The gums will also bleed if you brush too vigorously and that is why there are toothbrushes that have softer bristles so that it doesn’t harm your gums. Sometime flossing too vigorously can also cause you to have bleeding gums so take care and be gentle in cleaning your teeth.

These are just some of the things that dental hygienist learn in their various schools. They spend around 18 months just to study everything about your teeth so that they can advice you on how to take care of them properly.

Aside from brushing your teeth and using floss, you should also make sure that you regularly change your toothbrush. You should make sure that you change it every 4 months to make sure that it is still effective. You should also avoid smoking because it can stain your teeth and ruin your gums because of less oxygen that goes through your body.

Remember to always have regular visits to your dentist so that they can check your teeth and remedy any problem that comes up. When the problem is discovered at its early stage, there is a greater chance for you to repair the damage and save your tooth. Don’t wait for a toothache before you go to your dentist. Visit them regularly to prevent you from ever having a toothache.