4 Unexpected Ways You Are Hurting Your Back

presbyopiadoctorsfyi back massageWe all know we should drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, have a healthy sleep routine and take breaks from sitting too long behind the computer or TV and some people are taking great care to stick to these basic principles. Ideally, you are already stretching for a few minutes every day or doing yoga to increase general well-being and alleviate health problems. Yet, some of you may still be experiencing back pain and wondering what is it that you are doing wrong?

1. You are letting stress build up

As it has become clear in recent years, a lot of health-related issues and even serious diseases and conditions can be traced back to increased stress levels. If we are not giving back enough to our bodies and are simply exerting them, both physically and mentally, sooner or later we are setting ourselves up for a health crash. Some emotions, such as anger, also put an unexpected pressure on our muscles, which in turn causes your back to hurt. Make sure that beside a healthy eating plan and a sensible exercise routine you research some stress management techniques, such as meditation, yoga, or even a spa treatment, and incorporate them into your lifestyle as soon as possible.

2. You are wearing high-heels regularly

Yes, they are elegant and attractive, but high-heels also take a toll on your back by putting extra strain on your back muscles and ultimately causing you back discomfort and pain. What you can do is change into walking shoes as often as possible, and only put on your heels when you arrive at work or a party (if you are walking there). Buy special cushions and place them inside for a therapeutic effect.

3. You are carrying around too many things in your purse or briefcase

Both men and women carry around either a bag, a laptop case, a purse or a briefcase every day. Most of us have a favourite shoulder we use way more often than the other, and ultimately this leads to changing your posture and back pain. To avoid this, load your bag at a maximum of 10% of your body weight and remember to switch shoulders as uncomfortable as it may be at first.

4. You have not adjusted your car seat appropriately

Some of us practically live in our cars. Although reclining your seat may feel comfortable at first, you are actually endangering your spine and running the risk of developing back pain and other issues. As rigid as this may sound, always make sure you are sitting at a 90-degree angle or as closely as possible. This is the optimal position for your back and spine.

Yet the most serious mistake we can make in fighting back pain is ignoring it or waiting too long for it to pass before you seek out professional help. If you live in the Hamilton County, TN area, head over to total health chiro stelmo for some local chiropractor solutions for your back pain.